Basin Implementation Plan (BIP)


What does the BIP address?

The BIP recognizes 1) the need to retain a share of native flows for existing uses and future development, 2) the need to preserve the natural hydrology for environmental and recreational use; 3) the need for appropriately located, sized, and operated projects to protect water uses and the environment, particularly during drought; and 4) the need to consider and to address all of these within the roundtable process.


Basin Goals


  • Protect the YWG Basin from the Colorado River Compact curtailment of existing decreed water uses and some increment of future uses.
  • Protect and encourage agricultural uses of water in the YWG Basin within the context of private property rights.
  • Improve agricultural water supplies to increase irrigated land and reduce shortages.
  • Identify and address Municipal and Industrial water shortages.


  • Quantify and protect non-consumptive water uses.
  • Maintain and consider the existing natural range of water quality that is necessary for current and anticipated water uses.
  • Restore, maintain, and modernize water storage and distribution infrastructure.
  • Develop an integrated system of water use, storage, administration and delivery to reduce water shortages and meet environmental and recreational needs.