Yampa-White-Green Basin Roundtable Committees

The Yampa-White-Green Basin Roundtable (BRT) forms Committees as needed to produce work products for the Roundtable. Below is a current list of operating Committees. It is highly recommended individuals join a Committee if they wish to enhance their BRT experience.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of BRT Officers and Chairs of each standing Committee, though all members of the BRT can participate in this Committee. The Executive Committee determines the agenda for the BRT meetings, two to four weeks prior to the meeting. Items placed on the agenda are then given until the Wednesday two weeks prior to the meeting, to send their meeting materials to the Roundtables Recorder. Agendas and all meeting materials are placed and the Roundtables website and sent out through an email notification list, on the Wednesday prior to every bi-monthly Roundtable meeting.

Meeting Information

Public Education Participation Outreach

The PEPO Committee was created by HB 05-1177 and is responsible for public education and outreach for the Roundtable. This Committee directs the education efforts of the Roundtable through a WSRF grant the Community Agriculture Alliance received in 2016. Among other things, the Committee is working with Yampatika on a youth water education program throughout the Yampa and White River Basins, and creating short videos to outline the YWG BRT needs.

Current EAP

PEPO Google Drive

PEPO Meeting Info


2020 State of the River

Colorado Conservation Water Board 

Grants Committee

The state provides money to the BRT through the Water Supply Reserve Fund (WSRF) controlled by the CWCB. The Grant Committee develops the process and procedures for the BRT to allocate the WSRF allocation to the BRT. The Grant Committee is responsible for reviewing every application (both internal and external) and providing a recommendation to the RT regarding each grant request. The Executive Committee is responsible for placing each proposal on the RT agenda for the request to be voted on. Any BRT approved application for WSRF funding must go through the CWCB process and be able to contract with the State.

2021 Grant Cycle

2020 BIP Update

The Yampa-White-Green Basin Implementation Plan (BIP) was created as a living document and receives updates when needed.  The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) has set 2020-2021 as the years in which all nine Roundtable BIPs must be updated.  The BIP Update Committee is currently working with a statewide contractor and local expert to conduct necessary BIP updates.

The Yampa-White-Green BIP Update is ready to be reviewed by BRT members. The BRT review period is from August 10 through September 13, 2021. BRT members can provide comments through engagecwcb.org. If you are a BRT member and need help getting access to engagecwcb.org, please contact Lisa Brown at Lisa.Brown@wilsonwatergroup.com
The public comments period will be from October 13 through November 15. Stay tuned for more details.
 Please use the latest draft as a reference only

2020 BIP Updates

BIP Update Framework

BIP Update Committee Meeting Minutes

BIP Update Presentations



State Mod 101

Yampa IWMP

The Colorado Water Plan calls for 80% of the locally prioritized rivers to be covered by Stream Management Plans by 2030. Stream management plans tend to only look at non-consumptive use, while Integrated Water Management Plan looks at both non-consumptive and consumptive uses together. The YWG Integrated Water Management Plan Committee works to develop a management roadmap, which will help the basin achieve a productive economy, vibrant and sustainable cities,
productive agriculture, a strong environment and a robust recreation industry. The roadmap generated by the IWMP Committee will collaboratively identify and support actions that help implement the Basin Goals.


Scope of Work

Segment Map





Big River Committee

While the Basin Roundtable has to concern itself with all basin-wide issues, processes, and projects, as well as interbasin and State-wide topics, the Big River Committee (BRC) was formed to focus solely on the issues associated with the relationships among and between the major rivers in the basin, and the Colorado River system as a whole. The timing of the need for the BRC is driven in part by the current Drought Contingency Plan (DCP) and Demand Management discussion, including the soon-to-be completed Risk Study. Working within the context of the BIP and the YWG White Paper, the BRC will seek to surface and explore in detail, issues that will affect the Basin. Ultimately informing the policy of the BRT as it contributes to statewide water planning

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Demand Management Statement Executive Summary

Demand Management Statement Presentation 

Demand Management Presentations

Curtailment Risk White Paper