Public Education Participation & Outreach

PEPO is a legislatively created committee of the IBCC. This group is tasked with: creating a process to inform, involve, and educate the public on the IBCC’s activities and the progress of the inter-basin compact negotiations; creating a mechanism by which public input and feedback can be relayed to the IBCC and compact negotiators; and educating IBCC and roundtable members on water issues. The PEPO Workgroup’s membership consists of the Education Liaisons, a volunteer position on each basin roundtable, members of the IBCC, statewide water education experts, staff of the Water Supply Planning section of the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), and a consultant firm (currently CFWE) that facilitates the PEPO Work group. The members of this sub-committee work to identify the best approaches for education and outreach at the statewide and basin specific levels. The PEPO Work group and roundtable members are collectively defining the most helpful and meaningful ways in which the public can participate in the work of their basin roundtable.

The YWG PEPO Committee works to develop and implement an Education Action Plan that facilitates educational opportunities about Colorado and YWG Basin water challenges. They facilitate discussions on water issues, encourage locally driven collaborative solutions, increase collaborations and partnerships with other YWG basin organizations that wish to promote water education. They encourage YWG Round Table members to actively participate with the Education sub-committee, raise public awareness of YWG Roundtable activities, the YWG Basin Implementation Plan (BIP) and the Colorado’s Water Plan (CWP) information campaign. The PEPO Committee also plans, implements and facilitates a series of Water Education Forums/Workshops in Craig, Meeker, Rangely and Steamboat.

More information? See the PEPO Reports or visit the CWCB's Website