Yampa River Integrated Water Management Plan


In 2018 the Basin Roundtable conducted extensive outreach to water managers (Phase I) and users (Phase 2) throughout the basin to decide whether and how to proceed with an Integrated Water Management Plan. The Colorado Water Plan (CWP) calls for 80% of locally prioritized rivers to be covered by Stream Management Plans by 2030. A management roadmap will help the Basin achieve a productive economy, vibrant and sustainable cities, productive agriculture, a strong environment and a robust recreation industry. The Yampa White Green Basin Roundtable remains committed to protecting and enhancing the Yampa River for agricultural, municipal, industrial, environmental and recreational uses, as expressed in its Basin Implementation Plan (BIP). An IWMP provides a roadmap to collaboratively identify and support actions that help implement the Basins goals, while also meeting the call made by the Colorado Water Plan.

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This project will chart a path forward for the Roundtable to make progress on its BIP goals, and build relationships with water users at the same time. This process will combine stakeholder input with science and engineering assessments to identify actions that users can take to protect existing and future water uses and support healthy river ecosystems in the face of growing populations, changing land uses and climate uncertainty.

There are eight tasks outlined in the project's Scope of Work that will take place in 2019-2022. There will be extensive conversations with community members and water users throughout the Yampa basin to inform what the project should focus on and the science and engineering work that will be completed.


This project is coordinated by a Committee of volunteers selected by, and reporting to the Basin Roundtable. We meet on a regular basis to guide the project. To help keep the process moving forward the IWMP Committee created two Sub-Committees, the Technical Sub-Committee and the Stakeholder Sub-Committee. All meetings of the IWMP Committee are open to interested members of the public. All agendas and minutes of the meetings are available to read below.

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