2 Out of Basin Seats
These seats can be filled by individuals or industries.

However they can NOT live in the basin, and MUST own water rights in the basin.


Seat Name Term ex
Routt County Commissioner Doug Monger 2023
Moffat County Commissioner (IBCC Rep) Tom Gray 2023
Rio Blanco County Commissioner Si Woodruff 2023
Garfield County Commissioner Vacant
Routt County Municipality Kelly Romero-Heaney 2023
Moffat County Municipality Stephen Hinkemeyer 2023
Rio Blanco County Municipality (Chair) Alden Vanden Brink 2024
Upper Yampa Conservancy District (IBCC Rep) Ken Brenner 2023
Juniper Water Conservancy District (Vice Chair) Mike Camblin 2023
Yellow Jacket Water Conservancy District Shawn Welder 2023
Pothook Water Conservancy District J Sheehan 2023
Rio Blanco Water Conservancy District (Vice Chair) Tim Winkler 2020
Colorado River Water Conservation District Hunter Causey 2023
House Senate Appointment Callie Hendrickson 2023
Environmental Appointment Brian Hodge 2023
Agricultural Appointment Will Myers 2023
Recreation Kent Vertrees 2022
Domestic Water Provider Frank Alfone 2022
Industrial Water Interest Rich Thompson 2022
Seat Name Term ex
At-Large Representative Jeff Meyers 2022
At-Large Representative Jackie Brown 2022
At-Large Representative Jeff Comstock 2022
At-Large Representative Doug Davis 2022
At Large Representative Chuck Whiteman 2021
At Large Representative Deirdre Macnab 2021
At Large Representative Chuck Grobe 2021
At Large Representative Travis Day 2021
At Large Representative Bill Badaracca 2021
At-Large Representative Vince Wilczek 2021
Green River Basin T. Wright Dickinson 2021
Non-Voting Out of Basin Rep Patrick O'Toole 2021
Non-Voting Out of Basin Rep Vacant 2021
Non-Voting Out of Basin Rep Vacant 2021
Colorado Water Conservation Board Jackie Brown no term