Your Water Table Videos

Yampa-White-Green Basin Roundtable Video’s

The YWG BRT provided funding and direction for the video’s produced by Hometown Film Collective.  Six videos where produced that cover topics of the The Yampa River’s Hydrograph , Municipal and Industrial Water Use, Storage: Our Place in the Water Cycle, Agriculture in the Basin, Recreation and Wildlife, White River Basin.  Each of these topics and subtopics talked about in each video episode are important for the basin roundtable to consider when working on the Basin Implementation Plan goals, water policy or funding projects.

Yampa River Hydrograph

Learn more about the hydrograph of the Yampa River, that has a natural flow rate mostly unimpeded by large reservoirs.  In our high altitude climate, this means the river flow is high during the spring snowmelt and low later in the summer months.  While following nature’s patterns, this causes challenges for water management in the Basin.  The YWG BRT works to balance the health and value of having a “wild river” that connects to the land through natural flooding when considering projects.

Storage: Our Place in the Water Cycle

Understanding the critical role of water and how water management practices effect all of us is important to everyone in the Basin.  Learn more about beneficial uses of water and how water conservancy districts work to provide stored water that benefits water users and the entire river system.  The YWG BRT recognizes the importance of water storage and uses a collaborative process for evaluation and participation.

Recreation and Wildlife

The State of Colorado was one of the first states to recognize the importance of environmental water and establish recreational water rights.  A healthy river has obvious critical Impacts for fish and wildlife.  The YWG BRT looks at ways to meet water supply gaps while supporting the environment of the river and supporting recreational uses.

Municipal and Industrial

Did you know that snow is the main way water is stored in the YWG Basin?  Cities and towns rely on melting snow for water use in homes, industry and for fire fighting.  The YWG BRT provides representation for municipalities and industrial water users while working with all stakeholders to ensure adequate water supply for diverse needs.

Agriculture in the Basin

Without water there would be little or no agriculture in the Basin.  Learn more about irrigation systems and the impacts of flood irrigation in the Yampa Valley.  The YWG BRT recognizes agricultural water use as a critical part of the water system and works with stakeholders on ag infrastructure projects that help improve river health.

White River Basin

Learn more about the unique impacts of the White River and agriculture in that area.  The White River is a critical part of the YWG BRT collaborative work to protect and utilize water resources in the Basin.

Full documentary

One 21-minute documentary with each episode as a chapter