Yampa Integrated Water Management Plan Subcommittee

Yampa IWMP Implementation Subcommittee


To support the strategic development of IWMP recommendations, as well as BIP Tier 1, 2, or 3 projects in the Yampa Basin that advance Yampa IWMP goals, in a manner that promotes collaborative, strategic, multiple benefits projects and leverages funds across relevant entities and federal, state and local funding sources.

Subcommittee function

The Subcommittee will work with project leads to flesh out project proposals with partners, make the best use of available funding, coordinate with relevant efforts, and scale projects appropriately and strategically, before applications for such projects or initiatives are submitted for funding.  In some circumstances, this may mean using the IWMP committee’s remaining funds to help projects proponents with limited engineering or studies necessary to develop a successful application for project funding.

To further its objectives, for the above Yampa projects the Subcommittee may also:

  • Identify and assist with collective funding needs and promote joint fundraising efforts through local, state and federal grants and private philanthropy sources.
  • Help build public understanding of, and support for Yampa IWMP projects and initiatives in coordination with the BRT Public Education Participation and Outreach (PEPO) committee.


Subcommittee Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations

  1. Hire, Oversee, and provide guidance to a Coordinator to advance the Subcommittee’s objectives and functions.  The Subcommittee may recommend using some of the IWMP’s available funds to do so.  The Subcommittee will focus on advancing the IWMP project recommendations that need project development support, as well as BIP tier 1, 2, or 3 projects in the Yampa Basin that are deemed by the Subcommittee to advance IWMP goals.
  2. Meet regularly to support the coordinator in performing the above functions (at first monthly: ultimately the Subcommittee may decide to move to bimonthly meetings).
  3. Structure meeting agendas to advance the objectives above, with topics such as:
  • Updates from members on gaps, opportunities, or challenges regarding current or recent Yampa Basin project applications to the BRT and other funding sources (NRCS, River District)
  • Review relevant project applications and/or funding opportunities to identify barriers, promote strategic collaboration and multiple-benefit projects, and leverage funding
  • Address specific issue-focused and/or geographic areas – for purpose of integration, coordination, funding synergies, and/or to provide a Yampa Basin wide lens
  • Identify outreach/PEPO needs to advance projects throughout the Yampa Basin


Subcommittee Final Report 2023

Please review the final report of the Yampa IWMP Project Implementation Subcommittee from 2023.

YIWMP Subcommittee identified projects

Using the IWMP recommendations and the Yampa-White-Green Basin Roundtable Basin Implementation Plan Identified Priority Projects (IPP) the YIWMP subcommittee has grouped the projects into three categories:

  • Tracking – Tring to find a way to assist an on-going project
  • Monitoring – project is funded and running, the committee will only follow it to verify it gets accomplished
  • Not tracked – projects either has no proponent, is on hold, will be worked on in the future time, or is being run by an organization that is capable of funding the project and completing it

Using this grouping the subcommittee will only work on the tracking projects and monitor the projects that need monitoring.  The not tracked projects will be reviewed as time allows or as when needed.